Who are Guardian Angels? If you are visiting this page you must be looking for an information about Angels. The angels are very mysterious creatures and nobody really knows them. Some people say that they saw an Angel, others claim that met one but obviously there is not to much proof out there. 


Angels are probably the most mysterious creatures on the face of the earth, if you believe that they exist of course (as a Catholic you should). So, why nobody can tell who they are? If you go to official church websites you will find very little information, reason is - The Catholic Church considers Angels as a lesser subject. Obviously there are other important subjects like for instance Sacraments but somebody has to break that code of silence about angels to help people.  


For me it took years of personal research and study. I’m studying this and similar subjects (most of them are on this website – Prayer, Healing, Blessing, Angels, Demons, End Times, and many more) since 1991. So I truly understand and share you desire to learn something about Angels. By the way you probably are curious so I tell you right now I have never seen an angel! Never, but there are people who did! If you are one of them write to me about your experience. I will gladly publish it on that website.


As seeing an Angel would be an interesting experience knowing about them is much more important and this is what this website is all about. Knowing and understanding Angels can help you in your everyday life! They are powerful creatures and they are ready to help you and to protect you but you have to know how to ask them for help. You have to know how to trigger their “command code” after which they will do what ever you will ask.



Join me in the incredible journey to mysterious places where angels reside. You will learn what angels were created for, how you can command (yes – you!) Angels to protect you! They are protecting me and I have many moments in my life when I’m now sure, Angels intervened and saved me. This can also be your experience!