End Times - Apocalypse Now?

Is this really it? Is everything going to end shortly? Answer is both yes and no. You see the End Times commenced it deadly course right after Jesus died and was resurrected. Apostles believed that they were living in the End of Times and they were right, but we are much, much closer to the End as such then you think. Two thousands years has passed since Jesus was resurrected, God’s clock was and is ticking all the time, have never stopped.


When I write that, you may probably think; do you know a date? No I don’t, nobody knows (Jesus said that even He doesn’t know - only the Father!). If somebody claims that he knows the date he is a liar, do not read it, do not go to his website – it is deception from hell! There will be many liars and lies, this is just another sign of the end times, another piece of the puzzle. But a question in your mind probably remains, when it is going to end? Tomorrow? The day after tomorrow? No! But it can be as close as few years! I’m talking about complete end. Final count down is already on and we may have very little time to get ready. But in meantime things can get worse and worse for you. The End itself is not the worst part, but all the events that precede the end, those are really scary. Just to make it strait I’m not saying that the world will end in few years (nobody knows the date) but it may. It all depends as quick things will move forward. If you prepare yourself and the end will come later you will not lose anything, you will come nearer to God and your life will be better just because of that fact.  So get ready for the End Times. Do not waste even a minute, that minute may save your earthly life and give you eternal one.


One of the most powerful signs of coming Apocalypse is almost instantly changing situation. In the evening America is the richest country in the world, in the morning you can’t pay your bills anymore. You are being surprised by unexpected events, caught in their snare without a single word of warning. That’s real sign of Apocalypse! If you wont be prepared you will perish!

We also had many unprecedented events like 9/11, wars all over the Globe, tsunamis, earthquakes, terrorism, growing power of Islam, famines, outbreaks of lethal diseases like (2009) swain flu.


Current tragic economical situation and above events are not the only proof of the close end. Many prophecies were fulfilled both those from the bible and those from different apparitions, delivered by different people. Jesus gave 6 signs of the End Times and all six are already fulfilled! You can read about it and other interesting prophecies inside that website. And all this is happening right in front of your eyes! You are a witness of the great events which are rolling over entire Earth. Don’t be a viewer only because this will kill you. Get ready, get prepared, get closer to God as only He can save you and lead you through the end of the world. Register today and subscribe to those life saving subjects. Basic registration is free and you will also be able  to place your Prayer Requests!