This is even more difficult subject then Angels. Very little information and materials are available on that subject. The Church is writing very little, most of the Priests and Religious are not feeling prepared or educated enough to talk on the subject. They usually will disregard your question about Demons. But somebody must help you and answer your questions, you have a right to know and to be prepared! You have a right to be protected from Demons.


Who are Demons? What they are? Are they like Angels or maybe they are something else? Are they really dangerous or they are a myth? Why they want to reside in people? Well, they are real and very dangerous. They may posses and fully control a person or just stimulate person’s behaviour, how to discern it is a whole different story. They may stay in a person or in an animal and cause you a lot of trouble, Death including!


For a person without any knowledge they are simply deadly beings. But there are ways to deal with them and if you are prepared Demons will be afraid of you! (I’m serious!) But it requires a lot of commitment and preparation to get ready and to not be in any danger. You probably have a lot of questions on that subject so Register today and subscribe. Basic registration is free and you will also be able  to place your Prayer Requests!