Stock shares falling to the place were actually name bottom doesn’t apply anymore. Property prices lower then ever. Banks going down like stones in a water. People losing their jobs and savings on daily basis. It looks like 1930’s! Can it be worse? Yes, it can. How we Catholics can cope with it? Is there any hope for us? Can we expect more then average non believer, atheist or we are all the same and God doesn’t care more for us Catholics then for other people? God cares for his children more! We are His children and He loves us! He cares for us. We really matter for Him. But there are certain rules one must apply in order to be saved or protected in financial area! Lack of knowledge is our problem. God said ones – Hosea 4.6:

“My people perish for want of knowledge!”


Then Jesus said it again Mark 12.24:


"Jesus said to them, Are you not misled because you do not know the scriptures or the power of God?"


Catholics perish because of the lack of the knowledge! You can not be protected by God according to your own rules, He is the one who established His rules. If you don’t follow his rules, you will perish.
Brother Anthony explains how to be blessed financially, how Catholic can have his job and his money protected by God himself.