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TOPIC: Whats your take on divorce?

Whats your take on divorce? #65

  • Rungano
If a spouse is a habitual cheater, lies and is emotionaly abusive, should you stick it out. The victim ends up not believing because she feels her prayers are not being answered. She stays because she feels God does not want divorce and that there is no divorce in the church, and also for the sake of the children. Its been more than 15 years.

Re: Whats your take on divorce? #72

  • mem2094
I do not believe that it is God's will for divorce, He allows it, but in His eyes, a man and a woman are married for life. I can tell you that I have been standing for my marriage and for my husband to return to me after he divorced me. He would not even look at me and hated talking to me...but God! I have been praying for 10 years and now God is doing a work in him and in me. We see each other and my husband told me that he still loves me. I am believing that God can and is restoring my marriage. I am a devout, practicing Catholic and this experience has drawn me closer to God. A marriage ministry that helped me so much was Rejoice Marriage Ministries. This ministry believes and teaches that God can restore marriages even when only one spouse wants it and the other does not. It follows all what God teaches us in the Bible. Please have this woman look up this ministry. God will and can save her marriage! And praise God that they are not divorced right now.
God bless.

Re: Whats your take on divorce? #159

  • ThankHim
I remember laying in bed talking to God and begging Him to restore my unhealthy marriage... 18 years for the sake of the kids and also because it was the right catholic thing to do. Most people know that to be ludicrous thinking. Why on earth would anyone want to be miserable living a pretend life with someone who doesn't even love me, is what the people who love me most would tell me.
We need to be reminded that Gods plans are not ours. First we must heal wounds and that takes time and even during that time we must keep the faith and be open to God. God has given me a new loving wife that only He could give. I know this to be true. When God puts His blessing on your situation you will see very clearly the works of His hands.
Divorce is like death except the other person doesn't die but its more important that you continue to live the full abundant life that God wants us too.

Re: Whats your take on divorce? #163

  • burgess.christine
Greetings All,
I am in the middle of a separation from my husband of 22 years and 3 children.
This has been the most difficult and excruciatingly painful time in my life. I have strong faith and believe that every situation is so different and we must stay close to navigate the path. It was absolutely necessary to separate due to gross infidelity on his part - a good man with deep seated wounds from past. I, too, have those. I have come to the place that I do not believe our reunification is healthy for me. It was not just the "events" that separated us - it was us, our patterns from the start- even during dating. I have been in deep denial and begged for restoration. Nothing to restore here. I know how it sounds. I have mulled ceaselessly over this and still do. Pray with Mother. Have people praying, etc. I have procrastinated making the inevitable decision toward divorce. I know He has this. I battle fear daily for all the reasons all of us do in this situation esp. with kids involved. It is so hard. But I have no peace at this point toward reunification. I believe things would quickly slip back to unhealthy ways. I am not being specific but wanted to add that seeking the Lord and waiting and watching for His wisdom is the only answer for individuals of faith in this situation. Divorce - God hates - yes, but it happens in this fallen world and is even necessary at times. God also cares deeply for the freedom and well-being of our souls and toxic relationships exist and I needed to extricate myself from it.
My mental and emotional health was greatly compromised. I tried so hard to make it work.
To change myself, etc. All who are in this situation - bless you in your search for God's wisdom and strength. He gives generously.
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