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TOPIC: Fear of Death

Fear of Death #99

  • childoftheuniverse1973
In many occasions, we have been able to notice the fear that exists in the world about death; but, where does that fear come from? After talking to many people about this, we realized that it basically comes from ignorance, that is to say, from the lack of knowledge regarding death, and this lack of knowledge leads many people to see death as the end, as the consummation of everything, like ceasing to exist, or stop being; to others death signifies the step towards the unknown, fear of judgement and settling accounts; others see death as the loss of all their beloved beings. Many refuse to depart from their riches and pleasures; others are filled with fear to think that the marked hour will arrive without allowing them to finish doing those things that they should have done in their lives; and others (the fewer), see death as the end of problems and tests, and look forward to arrive to death because afterwards they can rest forever.

In order to understand that all these ideas are erroneous, it is first of all necessary to understand two fundamental things: First, that everything that exists in our material universe is formed of energy, and energy does not die, it is simply transformed; and secondly, that our spirit having sprung from an Infinite and Eternal Father, same as Him, His children are infinitely eternal.

It sounds good, no? But, what does all of this mean? Very simple, it means that death does not exist.

Our Father has revealed to us:

“I told you at that time that you should not fear death, because it does not exist; In My creation everything lives, grows and becomes perfect. Bodily death is only the end of a period that the spirit goes through, to return to its original state and thereafter follow its course to evolution.”

Many who will read this page may think at any given time: -If death does not exist, then how is it that God in his commandment told us “Thou Shall not kill?”- A good question! And to reply, we return as in many other occasions to remember that to understand the Divine Word, we have to elevate our thought and take our spirit above the material ideas, so that the heights of knowledge can be reached.

Therefore, let us analyze… If the law was created for the spirit, and the spirit does not die, what does God refer to when He says “Thou Shall not kill”? Could there be another way of taking life, different from that which we commonly know? Indeed, what our eternal Father calls death, is to that state of prostration, that state of lethargy in which the spirit falls into, when it is not given the food that it needs to strengthen and manifest itself. Death to the spirit is all that which slows down its development, its evolution. The homicidal weapon, for example, is only the means to manifest what really harms the
spirit which is the lack of love of those that create weapons or make use of them. Other type of weapons exist which are subtle, but as harmful: Our tongue, for example, is a weapon with which we can kill if we use it to damage the reputation of our brethren;
jealousy, hatred, vengeance, and all other low passions are those weapons which darken the spirit, and confuse it, sinking it in that apparent “Death” from which it can only escape through love, goodness, development of the gifts, recognition of committed errors, and the firm purpose to amend them.

Our Father says:

“When will you reach peace of spirit, when you have not even been able to reach peace of heart? I tell you that until the last homicidal weapon has not been destroyed, there will not be peace amongst men. Homicidal weapons are those with which men take away life, kill morality, deprive one another freedom, take away health, shake away tranquility, or destroy faith.”

Then, how can death be defeated? Giving life! In the manner which we can dominate our low passions, in studying, analyzing and living the Divine teachings, in developing our gifts, and put to practice loving one another, in that same manner we will be giving life to our spirit and understanding that what we know as death, is nothing but the end of one period for the spirit and the beginning of another.

Let it not be an obsession to us what we call material death! Instead, let us worry about living, to accomplish harmony between our spirit and matter, to live under the laws of love which God has given us so that when the time comes to leave our body, we do with
the joy of knowing that we have accomplished the mission that we had in this life, and that we are ready to begin what is coming; being either the recognition of our faults and the opportunity to amend same, the acceptance of new missions, the knowledge of new spaces where our spirit can continue its path to evolution… in other words, life continues.

“I told you at that time that nothing within My work would be lost; I also told you that none of my little ones would be lost, and I also revealed to you the immortality of the spirit when I told you: I am life, he who believes in Me shall never die.”
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