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TOPIC: The Faith that Can Do All Things

The Faith that Can Do All Things #109

  • childoftheuniverse1973
The Faith that Can Do All Things

In order to master weakness, smallness, misery, passions and to destroy all doubt, faith and good deeds are indispensable and are virtues that triumph over the impossible; before them what is difficult and unattainable disappears like shadows.

I said to men who believed in Me during the Second Era: 'Your faith has saved you." Thus I announced it because faith is a healing power, it is a force which transforms, and its light destroys all darkness.

Those who are still far from spirituality, would like to behold Me in the form of Jesus to say to Me: Father, I believe in you, because I have seen you; I will say to them: Blessed are those who without seeing have believed, for they have given proof that thanks to their spirituality they have felt Me within their heart.

I wish you to know what faith is, so that you understand that he who possesses it, is owner of an incomparable treasure.

He who lives illuminated by that interior light, no matter how poor the world considers him to be, will never feel like a pariah, abandoned, weak, or lost; his faith in the Father, in life, in his destiny, and even in himself will never let him weaken in the struggle, and He will always be able to perform great and awesome works.

Faith is like a beacon that illuminates your path until you arrive at the secure door of eternity.

Faith can not be that shown by those timid and fearful spirits who today advance a step and tomorrow turn back, who do not wish to struggle with their own pain, trusting in the triumph of the spirit only through the charity of the Father.

Faith is that which the spirit feels, knowing that God is in him, who loves his Lord, and enjoys feeling Him within himself, and who loves his brothers; having such faith in the justice of the Father that He does not wait for his brothers to love him; who pardons offenses and errors but who tomorrow will be filled with light, because by his merits He has achieved his purification.

He who has faith has peace, possesses love, and is filled with goodness.

He is rich in faith, and even in the material world; but with true wealth, not that of which you conceive.

I will tell you the test that shows true faith exists: the heart is not troubled in times of trial, and peace inundates the spirit in the supreme moments of peril.

He who has faith, is in harmony with Me, for I am life, health, and salvation; He who genuinely seeks this port and this beacon, shall not perish.

He who possesses this virtue, performs prodigies beyond all human science, and gives testimony of the spirit and of the higher life.

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