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  • childoftheuniverse1973

Man believes that the Heavens are so distant and high above, and that is because man has only a vague notion of what heaven is and what means. He ignores that heaven is a state of perfection for the spirit, a state of purity and of light that all spirits have to reach, and is not a specific place in the universe.

All of you dream of knowing Heaven. But I say to you that you make very little effort to accomplish this, and that frequently, instead of searching, you avoid the means to obtain it.

Certainly, I dwell in the Heavens, but not in the specific place that you have imagined. I dwell in the Heavens of light, of power, of love, of wisdom, of justice, of happiness, of perfection.

You should no longer limit what is infinite and divine. Do you not understand that if Heaven were as you believe, a mansion, a region, or a specific place, then it would no longer be infinite? It is now time for you to think about spiritual things in a more elevated manner. Even though you will not comprehend that truth completely, at least you will draw near it.

That infinite that I am telling you about, you will never be able to measure with your mind. That infinite speaks to you of tenderness, purity, enlightenment, wisdom, love, and perfection, because all of these things have no beginning nor end, since they are attributes of God.

I do not have a determined or limited place to dwell in the infinite because my presence is found in everything that exists, the same in the divine as it is in the spiritual and in the material. You cannot point to the direction of my kingdom; when you look up to the sky, pointing toward the heavens, do so only symbolically, because your planet constantly revolves, presenting a new heaven and altitude at every moment.

Thus, I say to you that there is no distance between us. The only thing separating you from me is your wrong deeds, which you place between your spirit and My perfect Law.

You believe that Heaven is a region in the infinite, and that through a sincere repentance of your faults, you will be able to reach it at the hour of your physical death. You trust that you will be forgiven at that moment and led by me toward the Kingdom of Heaven. That is what you believe. On the other hand, I say to you that Heaven is not a place, a region, nor a mansion; the kingdom of the spirit is his elevation, his perfection, and his state of purity. Who has the right to allow you to enter Heaven? Is it I, the one who has always called you, or is it you, the one who has always been slow to understand?

Always remember that the spirit who attains a high degree of virtue, wisdom, purity, and love is beyond time, pain and distances. He is not limited to inhabit a certain place, for he can be everywhere, and find in everything a supreme delight in existing, feeling, learning, loving, and knowing that he is loved. That is the Heaven of the spirit!

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