Catholic Daily Readings and Meditations

Daily Readings and Meditations are posted 7 days a week. Each of them is fresh, blessed, prayed for, and received from God. Anyone can have an access to Catholic Daily Readings, to read full version of Daily Meditations you have to register and subscribe. It is good if you at least register because we have much more materials for registered users. To avail the most of my website read Daily Meditations many times, meditate on them and meditate on the Holy Scripture which is used in them. Do this repeatedly; do not stop on one or two readings if you can. Think about them during the day, think when you work, think when you drive and think when you rest. But do not overdose for first few times, administer them in small doses (ones a day first), learn how to use them, learn how much you can take.  Let them sink in to your soul. Write down the Holy Scripture from the reflection. Collect those scriptures and read them daily or at least weekly, they are specially chosen to help you better understand God Almighty! To be closer to Him!


I concentrated my efforts on a few important subjects, subjects other Catholic websites don’t write about to much (except prayer). It is easy to find something on the Holy Eucharist, the Confession or the Mass.  But very little you will find on healing, financial problems, or fear! Not many places also offer Daily Meditations. I was commanded by God to help you, to prepare you better for what’s coming, problems you may face today or just simply to grow your catholic faith. My goal is to help you to be strong and full of faith and joy.

We are constantly adding new resources on all the subjects. We are adding many new materials monthly or even weekly!  Read them repeatedly, meditate on them, make notes and meditate again! Do this as long as you understand and feel them inside of your soul. Do not stop until your fear is conquered and problems removed. Do not stop until you are healed or you will get a job. Do not stop until your business is prosperous again and you are not afraid of the future anymore. Do not stop until your faith is strong.




Prayer requests.

Please, add your prayer request; Brother Anthony and prayer chain members will pray for you. Please Register and you will also receive Daily Meditations. God is with you! Always!