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  • childoftheuniverse1973
Of Spiritual Healing

Heal all the sicknesses of the body as well as the spirit, because you have the mission to console, to fortify, and to heal your fellowmen.

But I ask you: What healing could you transmit to the needy, if you were sick? What peace would you emanate from your spirit, if he is disturbed by worries, suffering, remorse, and low passions?

You can only offer your brethren what you treasure in your heart.

You must now store as much as you can of the good things that I have been imparting among these people, and learn to preserve them through adversities and setbacks, so that when the time comes to fulfill your mission, you may come out victorious in the struggle. The peace, the light, and the balsam, will form one single part with your whole being, in such a way, that not only by anointing a sick person will you heal him, but with your word, your thought, and with your eyes, you shall transmit health, peace, and fortitude, and in many cases, your presence alone will emanate those virtues.

The Power of Faith

But do not believe that just by knowing that I have granted you these gifts will be enough; no, besides, you should know, that you need the power to manifest them, and it is indispensable to conquer it with your faith in Me, with charity towards your fellowmen, with limpid sentiments, and unselfishness.

He who does not work within these principles, even though gifted by Me, nothing good will he deliver, because those gifts only flourish and are lavished through noble, pure, and elevated sentiments.

Of course, in spite of their lack of preparation, there are many who are leaving traces of miracles along their way, but they are not the ones who are giving. It is I who has mercy of the needy, of the sick, of the poor in spirit, and of the men of good faith; and then, those workers attribute My miracles to themselves.

There are other cases in which the one who is going to deliver what I have entrusted to him, is unable yet, because he ignores the manner of getting prepared, but his faith is great and he feels charity towards his fellowman. To the latter, I grant him to perform miracles to stimulate him at his work, so that he perseveres and perfects himself.

The Neverending Heritance

To say that I deprive of his gifts, the one who does not use them well, is a mistake, but the one who does not apply them for the purpose I have outlined, instantly looses the power to manifest them.

How could I deprive man of his spiritual gifts, when these are the means to attain his salvation and his only weapons to defend himself?

If My justice worked as you believe it does, I would have already taken away the light from his conscience and from many minds I would have retained the intelligence; but again I say to you, that I do not want to retain those gifts from men, because those attributes are precisely those through which they will redeem and elevate themselves towards perfection.

You tell Me that there are those who lose their reason and those who prematurely lose their life or some faculty. True, but it is not I who wrenches from them what is already theirs. They are the ones who, because of their weakness, imprudence, or blindness, deprive themselves of what the Father has given them as a freedom.

Is it not true that My hand of justice is present in all of this?

But if you ponder a little bit, over the way I apply My perfect justice, you will be convinced that it is My love that appears in each of those cases, returning the light to some, the peace to others, and the life to still others, though to recover what they have lost, I tell you also that before that, they have to pass through a great purification.
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