SC Daily Meditations

“He shall cry to me, and I will hear him: I am with him in tribulation, I will deliver him, and I will glorify him. I will fill him with length of days; and I will show him my salvation. “

Psalm 91.15-16 (DRB)


He will answer your prayers!


Look who said that! God himself is saying that he will answer your prayers! All of them! Only thing you have to do is to call upon Him now!

Call upon Him with faith! But it is not enough for Him to just answer your prayers.

He wants to give you much more! He will be with your in your trouble and he will deliver you! God is not just watching and taking compassion on you; he is saving you! He is delivering you from your trouble right now. So do not be afraid he will rescue you soon. But this is still not enough for him, He wants to honour you and glorify you! When people will look at you they will not feel pity but they will envy you because God will give you honour and glory. He will elevate you in eyes of other people! That’s great you say but you know what? It is still not enough for Him so He will give you also a long life. And it will be a good life (since you already have deliverance, honour and glory). It will be the life that will fully satisfy you! Your dreams will be fulfilled! Well, He is still not happy enough with His gifts for You. He is going to show you his eternal salvation right now! So call upon Him now!


Pray with me:


My Lord I call upon you today in all my troubles and expectations, I call upon you and trust you, I trust you that you will deliver me, I trust you that you will elevate me and fulfill all my dreams. I call Lord upon you to show me your eternal salvation today! I give you my life and I will follow you in all my deeds! I love you Lord with all my heart and I belong to you! Thank you Lord my God for your salvation! Thank you for crucified Jesus Christ who paid for all my sins! Thank you Lord!