SC Daily Meditations

“Be nothing solicitous: but in every thing, by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your petitions be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasseth all understanding, keep your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. “

Philippians 4.6-7 (DRB)


Have a peace of God guarding you!


When turmoil is around you and all is falling in your life it is extremely difficult to trust God and be still but this is the time when this is exactly what you must do. Above verse is giving us an advice how to get there.



First advice is - be anxious of nothing. You may say how it is possible? It is a decision! You have to make a decision I will not be anxious no matter what, no matter how bad it looks.


Second advice is to pray but this is not regular prayer it is a prayer with thanksgiving! What do you have to thank God for when all is falling in your life? For solution which is coming! For his love, all the time. For his salvation which is yours no matter how big the problems are. If you die you go to heaven so what the heck, I will not worry! As you can see there are things you can thank for all the time.


So let’s go back to prayer. You present to God your problem in a prayer and at the same time you give Him thanks that he has a solution! But you must believe it! Faith at this point is crucial! Remember, God didn’t create your problem, most likely devil did or it was your own mistake. But this doesn’t matter, solution is coming from God. He is the source of hope and power, He is love and his love will protect you and will bring help. This is his grace and mercy at work.


Third advice is - give your problem to God. God is in charge of your problem now; he is working on the solution. So if He is worrying now for you, you don’t have to. Throw your worries away. He is taking care of you.


Pray with me:

God, I make a decision today that I will not worry, that I will not be anxious about nothing because I know that you love me and you are taking care of me.

God, this is my problem ………………………………………., please help me. Lord I believe you and trust you. I thank you that you are working on a solution and it will come in a right time. Thank you Lord that you will help me and you will rescue me.

Lord I give my problem ……………………………………….. , away to you. Now You are taking care of it. It is no longer my problem it is yours. So now Lord since I don’t have any problems I have to worry about I receive your peace. Your peace is filling my mind right now. Thank you Lord for your peace. Thank you Lord.