SC Daily Meditations

“Therefore, they that are of faith shall be blessed with faithful Abraham. “

Galatians 3.9 (DRB)


How much do you need to be blessed?

What is necessary to receive God’s blessing? What is really needed? Do you have to pray for blessing a lot or maybe it is enough to…. ?


Prayer is very important and without a prayer you probably won’t receive any blessings. But is the prayer the automate way to blessing? Is it enough just to pray? You see, most of the people when they pray, they don’t really believe that God will do for them what they ask for. They simply hope that maybe, somehow it will happen. But they are not sure. All they think is "maybe". This is not good enough. Faith means certainty and assurance. If you really believe you are sure that this will happen. Those that are of Faith shall be blessed! Faith is crucial for receiving the blessing, without the faith it is almost impossible. Abraham’s blessing is out there for those who believe, are you going to be one of them?