SC Daily Meditations

“Now thanks be to God, who always maketh us to triumph in Christ Jesus and manifesteth the odour of his knowledge by us in every place. “

2Co 2:14  (DRB)


God has promised you a Victory.


Sometimes it is really difficult to grasp that even in difficult circumstances God is with us and is planning our Victory. Why should you believe it?



God is our Father and he loves us beyond our understanding. Proof? He gave for us his only Son Jesus Christ, who died on the cross to redeem us from the sin and Hell. It doesn’t cease to amaze me. God sacrificed his only Son to help me! Me! How far his love goes? His love to us has no limits. In that love He made us victories. He is leading us in a triumph.  When is he leading us in a triumph? Always! Not from time to time, not ones a year, not when a matter is easy, but always! Always is always! His love is amazing!