SC Daily Meditations

Faith and fear.


Two big contrary to each other forces, working against each other. If you have a fear you cannot have a faith and if you have a faith you will not have a fear. Have you thought about it?


But what is more important the faith will remove the fear, the faith is stronger! You can see it clearly from a verse above – “why are you so fearful? How is it that you have no faith?”. Jesus is saying to them that they should not fear but have faith! Moreover we know scripture which says “stronger is the one in you (GOD) then the one in the world”. Author of the faith is God and author of the fear is Devil and depending on what is stronger in you, you will be or serving God or Devil! Notice that when Jesus spoke to the storm they feared more! They were afraid of the power of God. Are you afraid of his power too? Word of God many times is saying to us “do not be afraid” and it is so because God is on our side! Did not understand that those in a boat, but we should understand it! Meditate on Isaiah 54 particularly verses 5,8,9,14,15,17. We must not react with fear when difficulties will arise but only with faith. This we can learn to do by studying fragments of  Word Of God which are talking about who is God for us, what is he thinking about us and who we are for Him. So make a stand against the fear and replace it with the faith!