SC Daily Meditations

“Faith then cometh by hearing; and hearing by the word of Christ. “

Rom 10:17  


Build your faith!


What can we do to strengthen our faith? What can we do to make it stronger? These are very important questions.



This is one of the most important verses about faith. It shows us how we can build our faith. Faith will not come to our life from nowhere and it is not something mystic what only few religious or priests can have. Faith is something so common as riding a bike. Jesus expected his disciples to have faith and this is what he is expecting us to have also. We build our faith by spending every day time with His Holy Word. And it is not enough to just read it we have to meditate it. That is why daily meditations are so important! We have to meditate on scriptures which are talking about areas of our life which we want to grow or improve. If you for instance need a healing you have to meditate on scripture about healing. And you have to do that until this verse will become part of you, until you will know that you completely trust that word; until you will see results. You must remember that Holy Word of God is bringing results to our life, it is not fruitless, it is doing what it was sent for. And beside that, remember you can’t please God without faith!