SC Daily Meditations

„And God created man to his own image: to the image of God he created him: male and female he created them. “
Genesis 1.27 (DRB)

Who are you?

What was God’s intent when He created a man? What was God’s intent when He created you? Who we really are? 

Who are you? Somebody created into God’s image or miserable poor man who needs help all the time; who is sick every few days and who is completely powerless when life strikes with problems? When God created a man he was to rule over entire Earth. We are His image and He is the ruler of entire universe. He is powerful and strong. He has never lost a battle. There is no fear in God and so should it be with us. And how is your life now looking like? God didn’t change his purposes for a man; moreover Christ has redeemed us and restored our position on the Earth. We are connected to God again! Did God create so helpless creatures as ourselves?  Or maybe we did it to ourselves by not believing God’s Holy Word? If we will continue that way we will never be “like Him”! What kind of testimony about God we are giving to other people if we show so much weakness and helplessness? We have to comprehend who we really are! We have to understand that we came from God and we are going to him. He is our father and we are his children, we are heirs of his Kingdom. Heirs of everything that belong to God! We must start to comprehend who we really are; we must grow up to our sonship!