SC Daily Meditations

Why Evil is There?

“Another parable he proposed to them, saying: The kingdom of heaven is likened to a man that sowed good seed in his field. But while men were asleep, his enemy came and oversowed cockle among the wheat and went his way. And when the blade was sprung up, and had brought forth fruit, then appeared also the cockle. And the servants of the good man of the house coming said to him. Sir, didst thou not sow good seed in thy field? Whence then hath it cockle? And he said to them: An enemy hath done this. And the servants said to him: Wilt thou that we go and gather it up?
And he said: No, lest perhaps gathering up the cockle, you root up the wheat also together with it. Suffer both to grow until the harvest, and in the time of the harvest I will say to the reapers: Gather up first the cockle, and bind it into bundles to burn, but the wheat gather ye into my barn. “
Mat 13.24-30

Many times we ask ourselves, why there are so many evil people out there, and why God doesn’t do anything with it?

The above parable will give some light in that matter. God always has its own time for dealing with things. For us, it looks like it is too late, or it is not done at all, but for Him, it is all in the right time.

Evil never goes unpunished. The time is coming, when all wrong doing people will receive their “reward." Sometimes it may seem, like they get away, because we do not see God acting. Jesus is explaining to us, that it is not true, all good or bad will receive its reward. Many times, we see evil punished, right in front of our own eyes, but if you do not, do not be disappointed, discouraged or depressed. They will not get away with it.

Instead of being concerned with bad people, we should pay much more attentions to our own works and to our attitude towards people and God. Instead of looking at others, we should make sure, that we are the good guys. So, when the time will come, we will receive a reward not punishment.

Jesus explained that, there are important reasons why God does not deal fully with the bad ones, right now. It is because, who could also harm good people when doing so. Therefore, do not be concerned any more, simply do good whenever you can.

Please, remember also, what Jesus said – “ do not judge, and you will not be judged “.
We are not qualified to judge others for two main reasons:
1) we are not without a sin ourselves
2) we do not see all as God does

It is imperative that we leave judgement to God and focus on doing good to others and God himself.

There is one more important thing, which we must discuss today. God can and will protect his people from evil!

“No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper: and every tongue that resisteth thee in judgement, thou shalt condemn. This is the inheritance of the servants of the Lord, and their justice with me, saith the Lord.” Is 54.17

God will protect his servants from evil and will do justice to them. You may ask yourself a question, who is a servant of the Lord? Servants of God are not only religious people, priests and saints. Everybody can be a servant of the Lord, as well as everybody can be a saint(has a potential to become one). A servant of the Lord is a person that adheres to God’s will and God’s commandments. A person, which walks the way of love and forgiveness. A person that follows Jesus at all circumstances!

You can be that person!