SC Daily Meditations

“A gradual canticle of David. Lord, my heart is not exalted: nor are my eyes lofty. Neither have I walked in great matters, nor in wonderful things above me. If I was not humbly minded, but exalted my soul: As a child that is weaned is towards his mother, so reward in my soul. Let Israel hope in the Lord, from henceforth now and for ever. “
Psa 131

God's peace

Those who walk with God can enjoy deep and undisturbed peace. Jesus said “ Peace I leave with you: my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth”(John 14.27).


There is an incredible depth of peace available to people being close to God. It is peace, which goes above any circumstances. Peace, which is not available for unbelievers, and gives a level of certainty and assurance, that cannot be measured.

Nobody can have that peace, but those that walk with God daily, those who are his children and servants. Abraham and David were walking in that peace every day, and so can you.

Draw closer to God, submit yourself to him and receive his gift of peace!