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SC Daily Meditations

“And going into one of the ships that was Simon's, he desired him to draw back a little from the land. And sitting, he taught the multitudes out of the ship.
Now when he had ceased to speak, he said to Simon: Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a draught.
And Simon answering said to him: Master, we have laboured all the night and have taken nothing: but at thy word I will let down the net.
And when they had done this, they enclosed a very great multitude of fishes: and their net broke. “
Luke 5.3-6

God knows what to do!

We can find ourselves very often in a position, that we do not know what to do. We labour very hard  all night/week/month, and we gain nothing.

We look for other solutions, invest a lot of time in them, and again, we gain nothing. As a matter of fact, we live in times, where all we know, and all we do, is never enough. These are unparalleled times, in which things are happening, that never happened before. We simply sail on uncharted waters.

In such a time, it is important to rely on the Lord himself. He will know what to do.

Knowing that, is not enough, though. We can hear from God, but another step is, to be obedient to his advice. It is not uncommon, that his advice will go against our knowledge and logic. Simon was an experienced fisherman; he knew that you cannot catch fish during hot hours of a day. All fishermen work in a night or early in a morning, so Jesus' advice was illogical. Any sane fisherman wouldn't follow it.

However, God knows what to do. His advice came not from any man, but from Jesus himself. So, Peter Simon decided: “ but at thy word I will let down the net”. He knew Jesus enough, to trust his word! Peter took a step of faith, and had a great catch.

To follow Peter's example, we need two things:
we must be close to the Lord, to hear from him,
we must obey His voice and take a step of faith.


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