SC Daily Meditations

 “According as he hath chosen us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before him in love: “
Eph 1:4

Time to be holy.

Who is a holy person? In short, it may mean separated for the Lord. A holy person will show every- day dedication, to be fully devoted to God.


It is not about going to a church on Sunday, neither about going to a church daily. It is about a holy lifestyle. No matter, if you are in a church or not. A holy person, is holy 24hour – 7 days a week. Our entire life must be subdued to the purpose of holiness. It must be subdued to God.

God is looking for people, who are ready to take this assignment. God is looking for them now!

As we already said in one of the previous meditations, The World is getting darker and darker. Our assignment is to become brighter and brighter. To become a light for other people.

A 100% devotion is required for this job, and there are millions of open positions. No previous experience required, although will be taken into account. Remuneration according to heavenly standards (eternal pension included). Please, apply ASAP by prayer.

Holiness also means purity of thoughts, words and works. It means that you do not let your mind to be trashed with impure thoughts. It means, that you protect you senses form any impurity (TV, music, The Internet, company ...). It does not mean, that you should lock yourself in a monastery. No, quite opposite. A light must be seen by others. You should stay among people, yet remain clean and pure. It is a difficult task, but with God, it is not impossible.