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SC Daily Meditations

“But the servant of the Lord must not wrangle: but be mild toward all men, apt to teach, patient,
With modesty admonishing them that resist the truth: if peradventure God may give them repentance to know the truth;
And they may recover themselves from the snares of the devil by whom they are held captive at his will.”
2 Tim 2.24-26

God's Servant

People, who want to serve God, very often create they own rules by which they want to abide. However, God has already made his mind how a servant should look like.

We must add that God's servant is not just a priest or a bishop. It is simply, anyone walking with God. As we can see, this what God values the most, is not a high education, money or a social position. He values the character of a servant. In God's eyes, simple, holy, full of meekness person, means more than a highly placed member of the hierarchy. Moreover, God requires mentioned above values, especially from the hierarchy.

So what should the servant of God represent?

A servant does not argue, trying to prove his position. Instead, he is meek and kind, ready to teach anyone, anywhere. Patience is one of his strongest virtues. People opposing the truth, do not make him angry, he is full of compassion and love.

He knows more than others, and he knows the truth, but he walks in modesty. He does not pose to be better than other because of what he knows or did.

He understands, that bad people are simply slaves of the devil, and as such need our compassion and help, not wrath and contempt.


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I'm looking up Catholic meditation.

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