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"Therefore, they that are of faith shall be blessed with faithful Abraham."

Gal 3:9

Faith Matters

All people want to be blessed, but only a few will understand; that blessing requires faith.

Abraham was a man of faith. You can read his story in the Book of Genesis (first book of the Holy Bible).  It is said about Abraham, that he was faithful, and he was a friend of God. Therefore, God blessed him beyond the measure, he became one of the richest people and the father of many nations.

What is so important about Abraham's faith, that we could use as a model for our life? Interestingly enough, Abraham was not sinless or spotless. So why is he called a father of faith?

He trusted God without limits. God promised Abraham, that he will have a son. God gave him, that long promised son, which supposed to inherit his possessions and the blessing, when he was 100 years old.

When his son got older, God asked Abraham to take his son to the mountain and sacrifice him (kill in other words). He decided to do that without questioning God. He decided to give God back, what God already gave him. His very own promise, he waited for 100 years.

He trusted God so much, that he knew, even if he will sacrifice his son for Him, God will still keep his promise. He did not know how, but that what faith is all about. You trust and believe God, against all odds. After this paramount event, God confirmed all promises to Abraham and made him a father of many nations.

Faith really matters.

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