SC Daily Meditations

Are you ready for true goodness of God?

“God is good” is a Christian slogan, that is followed by very little understanding, and even less experience. People would repeat that “God is good” but their lives and behavior are as far from that truth as possible.

If God is good, what is your experience of his goodness and what is your picture of his goodness? Do you have any? When you talk about his goodness, what do you think about? What you truly mean by that? Think about it!

If your life is a one big success, you may say that God is good, but what if your life is a failure, or you experience one disaster after another? Will you still say that God is good? Do you understand that God does not change, no matter what your experience is? Do you understand, that if God is good, he is good, no matter what happens to you? If you are sick, broke and depressed, God is still good. When people die and suffer He is still good. Are you ready to accept it?

If you want to fully experience God's goodness in your life, you must first receive its revelation. God is good by his nature, and any goodness on the face of the earth comes from him. He is the source of all goodness (even in those who do not know him). The opposite is also true, that any evil is not of God. When disaster hits you, God is still good because He is not a source of it.

There is also another side of the coin. God is using problems to help us better understand him, and receive the fullness of his desires for us. God has an excellent plan for your life, a plan which brings joy, prosperity (in all areas of life), and fullness. However, in order to get you there, He must first change you. You will never achieve fullness in a state you are right now. He must change you and expand your understanding of Him. This change may require some pressure to be applied to your life. So, sometimes God in his goodness may lead you into a problem, to prepare you for better things or more blessings. There is always something good waiting for you in any situation. This good was placed there by loving God.

It does not mean that you suppose to accept problems or sickness, as Gods' gift. It means that you must cooperate with God closely, when it happens to get your good stuff hidden there for you. Beloved fight problems and especially sickness (sickness is from the devil), but develop your relationship with God in the process.

Because of the goodness of God, any situation  in your life (even the ugly one) should bring significant good things to your life. So do not panic, simply seek God instead.