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Catholic Daily Meditations

Most of us won’t be able to follow deep meditation plan (you may try to do this  from time to time though ) due to lack of time; but most of us can with a great success practice reading  short  meditations. This type of meditation won’t be far from our usual morning prayer. The difference is that in meditation we base our prayer on important bible verse and reflection attached to it.

We can provide you with meditations for every day of the month, although you do not have to do this every day. You can choose only one or two meditations or read them once a week. Here you can  FIND OUT MORE  about our building Hope Catholic Daily Meditations.  Reading of a meditation should approximately take only about a few minutes.

Here are a few examples of Catholic Daily Meditations you will read with us:

How much God loves you?

“I in them, and thou in me: that they may be made perfect in one: and the world may know that thou hast sent me and hast loved them, as thou hast also loved me. “  John 17.23

How deep is God’s love for you? How you can measure His love? To what can you compare it? Well, there is one measure we can use. The measure which God showed us himself.

This verse and few others will answer that question. That scripture was for me the biggest shock! God loves me and you the same way, with the same power and strength as He loves Jesus! God the Father loves you the same way as He loves his son Jesus! Nothing less! We are not less important for Him, and we are not just a problem to solve. We are not just a crowd of people. We are people which he loves. We are His children. We are brothers of Jesus! You see God is a good father, and he treats his children equally. He has the same love for all his children. God created us because of love, He sent Jesus because of love, and He calls us his children because of love. He loves you with all his heart. So you are not a beggar you a son and daughter with full rights to inheritance. You don’t have to beg God for things, you ask as any normal child would do. God loves you, He loves you as much as He loves Jesus! Remember that always!

Are you reflecting the Glory of your Lord?

“But we all, beholding the glory of the Lord with open face, are transformed into the same image from glory to glory, as by the Spirit of the Lord. “  2Co 3:18

We often think about ourselves as a poor and useless for our Lord. We think about us as about not worthy dust. Is this what God thinks and intended for us?

One foreign translations of that verse says “reflecting Lords Glory”. What it means? Are we showing God’s glory to other people? Yes, we are responsible for that! God is showing his glory through us. We are like a mirror in which people should see God’s glory.  From one side we already are like He is (He gave us his Spirit, His presence and salvation) and from another we are becoming like He is with every minute, from glory to glory. We are fighting sin in our life and trying to live better life to reflect his character. We are those in whom people will see God, will see His character! When they look at our ways they will see His ways. When they will listen to you they will hear God’s wisdom (wisdom is one of the gifts of the Spirit). In our presence they will feel peace and joy. Through us (our prayer) people will find healing and freedom. Through us they will be comforted. We will do similar things Jesus did when he walked on the Earth. Isn’t it wonderful?

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