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TOPIC: School work

School work #50

  • any
My friend has a son who just never does his school work. She has tried everything. Rewarding, punishing. I have no more ideas for her. Do you?

Re: School work #96

  • Jupitermap
First pray and ask God for help and support. Then rule out any learning disabilities and any physical or problems at school that are the underling reason creating a reason for non compliance. Next limit all electronic media from the picture. You have to search for the one thing that the child likes that you can use as a reward. Maybe it is giving back electronic or game time. For doing homework, you get 1/2 hour of game time for each subject completed or television if you get your work done. Praise for doing work and great grades gets a major reward like a movie or outing that he wants. Try to make school work positive. There is always one motivator, it takes time and investigation to find it but when you do the leverage is in your court. Remember you are the parent not the friend. I hope this helps. I raised 4 boys all with different motivators. It took a while but they are all successful adults with great work ethics and college degrees. I will keep you in my prayers.
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